Boutique travel services

We at Laufer VIP believe in improving the travel experience. Here you can find all the tourist and travel services under one roof. With Laufer VIP’s tourist services you can get all the answers in one place, our representatives will tailor the package of products according to your preferences.

Tours in Israel

At Laufer VIP you can enjoy the most varied travel program throughout the State of Israel.

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All tour guides are certified tourist guides.

You can choose between a private tour with an authorized guide and a car for a shared trip with a group.

Tours worldwide

Arriving to a foreign country and want to experience the best that it has to offer you? At Laufer VIP you can enjoy a wide range of tours and tours in many countries around the world, our representatives will recommend you the preferred route, help you plan your travel times and trip.

Security services

The need for security exists anywhere in the world. With Laufer VIP’s personal security services, you can remove worry. Laufer’s personal security services are provided in Israel and in a variety of destinations around the world

Cruise packages

Laufer VIP joins the global trend in the world of tourism. Cruise booking on ships will allow you to enjoy a VIP experience throughout your vacation

With VIP Laufer you can enjoy a special cruise on a variety of routes and a VIP experience at all stages of your trip.

Chauffeur service

With Laufer VIP you can order a personal driver for a full day, enjoy a pampering vehicle and a driver who will ensure you arrive safely and on schedule.

Book your hotel with us

We provide you with all the tourist services under one roof, with Laufer VIP you can book a hotel online or contact us to match the accommodation to your specific needs.