Airport VIP services

Laufer VIP services will make the experience at the airports much more pleasant. A personal steward will accompany you throughout the process at the airport quickly, conveniently and efficiently. The service is provided in hundreds of airports around the world.

VIP service at Ben Gurion Airport

With the Laufer VIP service at the airport, you will enjoy a unique and relaxed service experience, our steward will assist you with luggage and efficient passage at all stations; Security, check-in, hand-check, border control and boarding gate.

Laufer VIP service will allow you to arrive about two hours before departure.

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Luggage delivery service

At Laufer VIP you will enjoy a unique service of its kind in the world. Which will reduce the time spent at the airport after landing.

Hurrying to work? Want to be free for your business? Hurrying to the entrance of the Sabbath? Children tired after the flight?

Our flight attendant will escort you directly from the terminal and we will ensure that your baggage arrives at the time and place you choose.

Service Benefits:

  • Saving multiple standby times and unnecessary after landing.
  • We will make sure to bring the luggage at the right time.
  • You do not have to carry the suitcases, even if they are very heavy, we will do it for you.

VIP service in Jorden river crossing borders

Traveling to Jordan? With the Laufer VIP service, you will enjoy a unique and relaxed service experience. A personal steward will assist you with luggage and a quick transfer at all stations. A vehicle will take you to the border crossing on the Jordanian side and a Jordanian representative will assist in all the procedures until you reach your driver.